digital amputation procedures

Preventing symptomatic neuroma after digital amputation can be difficult due to the limited musculature in the hand, which can result in mechanical stimulation of the nerve end.

terminating the nerve stump

Traumatic injuries to the hand and fingers are common reasons for emergency room visits, and it has been reported they result in as many as 27,000 amputations annually in the U.S.1 The management of symptomatic neuromas after digital amputations can have significant implications on a patient’s ability to use their hand.

Axoguard Nerve Cap® provides an environment for the nerve end that is protected from mechanical stimulation and isolated from neurotrophic factors. The proprietary bifurcation provides adequate space for regenerating axon growth to exhaust and helps reduce symptomatic neuroma formation.2

remember the following:

  • It is reported only 33%–40% of patients were satisfied with treatment after burial into bone or muscle.3
  • Simply burying the nerve into the intrinsic muscles in the hand can result in pain due to muscular contraction or localized pressure.4-6

treatment of recurrent painful neuroma

The patient had increasing hypersensitivity after traumatic amputation of the left thumb, until a resection of two digital nerve neuromas, one recurrent, with the placement of Axoguard Nerve Cap was successfully performed. Case Courtesy of Mark S. Rekant, M.D., Philadelphia Hand to Shoulder Center.

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