solutions for your clinical needs

We take pride in pioneering regenerative medicine solutions and being the only company solely dedicated to peripheral nerve repair. Our comprehensive suite of clinically proven solutions for your nerve repair needs ranges from injured nerves in continuity, to deficits up to 70 mm, and non-reconstructable nerve ends.

repair transected nerves

Repairing transected nerves is critical for the return of sensation and motor function. Learn more about our solutions for reconstructing peripheral nerve discontinuities.

avance nerve graft

With options for gaps of 5 mm to 70mm, Avance Nerve Graft repairs peripheral nerve discontinuities.

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Axoguard® Nerve Connector

With options for gaps up to 5 mm, Axoguard Nerve Connector repairs peripheral nerve discontinuities.

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protect damaged nerves

Protecting damaged nerves during the healing process is important for more consistent patient outcomes. Learn how our solutions help minimize neuroma formation and protect nerves from soft tissue attachments and mechanical stimulation.

Axoguard® Nerve Protector

As an option for injured intact nerves, the Axoguard Nerve Protector helps protect peripheral nerves.

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As an option to address soft tissue attachments, secondary issues caused by scarring and mechanical irritation from implants.

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AxoGuard nerve cap

As an option for a nerve with no distal target, the Axoguard Nerve Cap helps reduce symptomatic or painful neuroma formation.

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assess nerve damage

Assessing nerve damge and evaluating nerve regeneration is an important aspect of patient care.

The Axotouch Two-Point Discriminator can help measure sensation after a nerve injury.

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connect with a nerve rep

There’s only a short form between you and our nerve product team who can help you get more information about our nerve repair solutions.