nerve repair for extremity surgeons

Extremity surgeons see a significant amount of nerve damage with a range of causes, including trauma and compression. Each patient presents a unique scenario depending on the mechanism of injury, timing of surgery and nerve injured (sensory, mixed-motor). You need a nerve repair partner with solutions for all of your needs.

traumatic digital nerve injury

You will likely treat a number of patients with a traumatic digital nerve injury. While the mechanism of injury varies, using a defined step-by-step technique and evidence-based algorithm may lead to efficiency improvements and more consistent outcomes.1,2

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nerve grafts

More than 100,000 Avance® Nerve Grafts have been implanted since launch.3


of micro and hand fellows

Since 2019, Axogen has trained 75% of hand and microsurgery fellows annually.3


Avance Nerve Graft is the preferred choice in digital nerve repair over conduit, autograft or vein graft.*4

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clinical evidence


overall meaningful recovery

Overall meaningful recovery rates with Avance Nerve Graft comparable to autograft outcomes without associated donor site comorbidities.3


surgeon and
clinical investigators

This includes publications from 125 non-sponsored studies.3


Axogen publications

This includes at least 41 digital nerve, and at least 40 mixed-motor, sponsored and non-sponsored publications.3

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†Defined as Medical Research Council Scale of S3/M3 or greater.

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