Avive+ Soft Tissue Matrix™

Avive+ Soft Tissue Matrix™ features multi-layered amniotic tissue that serves as a barrier for protection during the critical stage of healing, making it the ideal solution for acutely traumatized nerves and soft tissue.

Protection when it's needed most

  • Keeps adjacent tissues separated and acts as a barrier to soft tissue attachments, which may reduce the potential of nerve tethering and impaired nerve function.1
  • Present for at least 16 weeks during the critical phase of tissue repair, as confirmed in an animal study model.
  • Multi-layered design allows for ideal handling, easy repositioning, and the ability to suture or secure into place.
  • Unique, layered design features epithelial cells on both sides.

Featured Applications

  • Acutely traumatized nerve and surrounding tissue
  • Gunshot trauma exposing the nerve
  • Crushed non-transected nerve injury
  • Bruised nerves
  • Staged procedures with nerve exposure
  • Tendon injuries or tenolysis
  • Nerve sparing bulk tissue removal (benign conditions)


INTENDED USE: Avive+ Soft Tissue Matrix is intended for use as a soft tissue barrier. The allograft may be used in numerous clinical applications, including covering the peripheral nerve to separate and protect the nerve from the surrounding environment. Rx Only The allograft is to be dispensed only by or on the order of a licensed health professional. Each allograft is intended for single-patient use.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: Avive+ Soft Tissue Matrix is contraindicated for use in any patient in whom soft tissue implants are contraindicated. This includes any pathology that would limit the blood supply and compromise healing or evidence of a current infection.


ordering information

Code Dimensions
CA2020 2 cm x 2 cm
CA2040 2 cm x 4 cm

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  1. Data on file.

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