Axoguard Nerve Cap®

Axoguard Nerve Cap is a proprietary small intestine submucosa (SIS) matrix designed to reduce the development of symptomatic or painful neuromas.

Proprietary bifurcation provides adequate space to exhaust nerve outgrowth

nerve cap innovations

  • Reduces the development of painful neuromas.1
  • Material gradually incorporates to create a physical barrier to the nerve end.1
  • Ideal for anatomic areas with limited or no musculature.
  • End tab facilitates anchoring the device away from the surgical incision and mechanical stimulation.

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reduced painful response to mechanical stimulation in a preclinical model1

10 mm

bifurcation to exhaust outgrowth


INDICATIONS FOR USE: Axoguard Nerve Cap is indicated to protect a peripheral nerve end and to separate the nerve from surrounding environment to reduce the development of symptomatic or painful neuroma.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: This device is derived from porcine source and should not be used for patients with known sensitivity to porcine material. Axoguard Nerve Cap is contraindicated for use in any patient in whom soft tissue implants are contraindicated. This includes any pathology that would limit the blood supply and compromise healing or evidence of a current infection.
Axoguard Nerve Cap should not be implanted directly under the skin.

NOTE: This device is not intended for use in vascular applications.


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Code Dimensions 
AGT215 2 mm x 15 mm
AGT315 3 mm x 15 mm
AGT415 4 mm x 15 mm

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  1. Tork S, et al. Application of a porcine small intestine submucosa nerve cap for prevention of neuromas and associated pain. Tissue Eng Part A. May 2020;26(9-10):503-511.