raising the standard for peripheral nerve repair

There are innovative products and techniques that can help enhance your practice and support the care of your patients. Now is the ideal time to modernize your peripheral nerve repair procedures.

understanding the impact of nerve repair

While nerve injuries can negatively impact people’s quality of life, nerve repair can have a positive influence. That’s why it’s important to choose the right option for your patients.

deserving patients

Many patients don’t know that nerve repair options exist. Explaining their choices can restore hope and potentially help patients get back to their everyday life.

similar results without the drawbacks

Allograft nerve has been shown to have similar meaningful recovery rates to autograft, and is superior to conduit.1,2

proven track record

Avance® has been well-investigated with over 135 clinical studies published since 2009,3 and more than 100,000 Avance Nerve Grafts have been implanted since launch.3

modern techniques

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results driven

Review key data, access the comprehensive bibliography of all published clinical research on our technologies and find out more about studies currently underway.

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connect with a nerve rep

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†Defined as Medical Research Council Scale of S3/M3 or greater.

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