Axoguard HA+ Nerve Protector™

Axoguard HA+ Nerve Protector™ (HA+) combines a remodeling extracellular matrix base-layer for long-term protection with a short-term resorbable hyaluronate-alginate gel coating for enhanced nerve gliding and minimization of soft tissue attachments.

innovative protection

  • Resorbing Axogen HA+ gel coating provides short- and long-term protection during the critical period of scar formation.1,2
  • Extracellular matrix layer vascularizes and remodels into the patient’s own new site-specific tissue.1
  • Double-sided Axogen HA+ gel coating to reduce friction and enhance nerve gliding through traumatic tissue beds.
  • Nerve can glide through tissue bed throughout healing without attachment to adjacent soft tissues.2
  • Formulated for optimized handling and flexibility of surgical application—quick hydration, flat sheet configuration and is easy to suture if needed.

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Applications suitable for Axoguard HA+ Nerve Protector include:

  • spinal accessory nerve after neck dissection
  • radial nerve laying on metal plating for humeral shaft and olecranon fractures
  • ulnar nerve during a cubital tunnel release or transposition
  • median nerve through the carpal tunnel
  • traumatic injuries of the sciatic nerve
  • common peroneal nerve after tibial plateau fractures
  • tibial nerve through tarsal tunnel

indications for use

INDICATIONS FOR USE: Axoguard HA+ Nerve Protector is indicated for the management of peripheral nerve injuries where there is no gap, or following the closure of the gap.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: Axoguard HA+ Nerve Protector base membrane is derived from a porcine source and the lubricant coating is composed of sodium hyaluronate and sodium alginate. The Axoguard HA+ Nerve Protector should not be used for patients with known sensitivity to porcine, alginate, or hyaluronate materials.

NOTE: This device is not intended for use in vascular applications.


ordering information

Code Dimensions
AGHA12 1 cm x 2 cm
AGHA22 2 cm x 2 cm
AGHA24 2 cm x 4 cm
AGHA36 3 cm x 6 cm
AGHA48 4 cm x 8 cm

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