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    • I hereby do grant Axogen permission to use contact information for me and for my practice in its physician locator tool as part of its effort to connect patients to physicians who treat peripheral nerve injuries.
    • I understand and agree that the information submitted and indicated for inclusion in the locator tool may be made publicly available on one or more Axogen websites within the search function or may be provided to a patient by an Axogen associate.
    • I understand and agree that the contact information for my name and for my practice may be made publicly available in one or more specialty-specific physician locator search tools that Axogen may develop for its website(s) depending on my medical specialty(ies).
    • I understand and agree that Axogen will seek to make sure all information is accurate, however Axogen will bear no responsibility or liability for (i) inaccurate, incorrect, incomplete, or outdated information provided to patients through the physician locator tool; (ii) any use or misuse of the information provided hereafter; or (iii) the decision by Axogen to discontinue the physician locator tool at any time and without notice to participant.
    • I understand and agree that I may update my contact and practice information, or otherwise modify the permission granted at any time by sending written notice to Axogen Customer Care at
    • I understand and agree that the information I submit to be included in the locator tool will be governed by Axogen’s privacy policy for its website(s).
    • I understand and agree that Axogen reserves the right to exclude my information in the online physician locator tool program.
    • I confirm that my institution allows my name to be used for the purposes described above.

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  • NPI Number will be used for verification purposes only. It will not be published on Axogen’s Find a Nerve Surgeon website page.

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