causes of nerve damage

Nerve damage can occur anywhere in the body. It disrupts signals between the brain and body and may cause loss of normal function. But peripheral nerves also have the power to regenerate and heal themselves. Read about common causes of nerve damage below.

Compression of the nerve


Nerves may be squeezed by surrounding tissues, which increases pressure on the nerve and may cause muscle weakness, a burning or tingling sensation, numbness, or pain.

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Severed or transected nerves occur when the nerve and the fibers within it are cut, often occurring due to a traumatic event or surgery.

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Stretching of the nerve


Nerves may be stretched to the point of injury to the nerve fibers; for example, this can occur to a baby’s shoulder area during childbirth as the baby exits the birth canal. This is called a brachial plexus injury, named after the nerves that control most of the movement and sensation of the arm.

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Nerves may be injured by a degenerative disease or tumor.

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Nerves can be burned


Nerves can be burned by many things, including fire or caustic chemicals.

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