the Science of Nerve Repair

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healthy peripheral nerves allow us to do all these things.

Damaged nerves disrupt the brain’s communication with the body, impairing the ability to move, feel and live pain-free. At Axogen, we’re leading the science of restoring feeling and functionality to damaged nerves. We have clinically proven solutions to help surgeons restore the highest quality of life possible.


“I take for granted how normal I feel now and how little I have to worry.”

After a double mastectomy and ruptured implants, Tara wanted to restore sensation in her breasts. Her physician suggested she consider Resensation®.

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potential for restoring sensation after a mastectomy

If you’re undergoing a mastectomy and considering your breast reconstruction options, find out whether the Resensation® technique can help potentially restore breast sensation.

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August 06, 2019

Axogen, Inc. Reports 2019 Second Quarter Financial Results

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Sept. 5-7 2019

74th Annual American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH) Meeting

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