AxoTouch® Two-Point Discriminator

Sensibility testing plays an important role in the evaluation of nerve function. It assists the healthcare professionals in detecting changes in sensation, assessing return of sensory function, establishing effective treatment interventions, and providing feedback to the patients.

The AxoTouch® Two-Point Discriminator tool is a set of two aluminum discs each containing a series of prongs spaced between 2 to 15 millimeters apart. Additionally, 20 and 25 millimeter spacing is also provided. A circular depression on either side of the disc allows ease of rotation. The discs can be rotated between a single prong for testing one-point and any of the other spaced prongs for testing two-point intervals with ease.



Indications for Use
Use the AxoTouch® Two-Point Discriminator tool to measure the innervation density of any surface area of the skin. The discs are useful for measuring sensation after a nerve injury, following the progression of a repaired nerve, and during the evaluation of a person with a possible nerve injury, such as nerve division or nerve compression.

None known

Not recommended for open wounds or inflamed areas.