Mark Gold, M.D.


Dr. Mark Gold, M.D. has been an Independent Director since September 30, 2011. From 1990 until his retirement in June 2014, Mark was a professor at the University of Florida College of Medicine’s McKnight Brain Institute and was recognized as a distinguished professor, eminent scholar and was chairman of the department of psychiatry. He has also been recognized as the 17th University of Florida distinguished alumni professor. Mark taught neuroanatomy and medical neuroscience for four decades and has been a pioneer in translational neuroscience research. He was also a founder of Somerset Valley Bank and served on its board of directors from its formation, through its initial public offering, to its acquisition by Fulton Financial Corporation, a publicly traded financial holding company in 2015. Mark has consulted for many major global pharmaceutical companies, as well as firms such as the Carlyle Group, Metalmark, Norwest Venture Partners and Cressey & Company. He has authored hundreds of peer reviewed scientific research articles, chapters and abstracts on a wide variety of research subjects, and has been interviewed for comment by the Wall Street Journal, CNN, and other major business and national publications concerned with the strengths and limitations of new medical technologies and treatments. Mark is a director of The Magstim Company Ltd., a UK-based global leader in brain stimulation, nerve modulation and intraoperative nerve monitoring. Mark is also chairman of the scientific advisory board of RiverMend Health.