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Axogen invests in and supports clinical studies and programs to further the understanding and outcomes of peripheral nerve repair.

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Treatment of Recurrent Painful Neuroma

Mark S. Rekant, MD, Philadelphia Hand to Shoulder Center, Philadelphia, PA

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the RANGER® study

A multicenter, retrospective study of Avance® Nerve Graft utilization, evaluations and outcomes in peripheral nerve injury repair (RANGER). The RANGER study, the Avance Nerve Graft registry, has completed the second data milestone and continues to enroll.

the CHANGE study

A multicenter, prospective, randomized, comparative study of hollow nerve Conduit and Avance Nerve Graft evaluation recovery outcomes of the nerve repair in the hand (CHANGE). The CHANGE study is a pilot comparative study. Enrollment and follow-up is now completed and the study has published (Means KR, et al. A multicenter prospective randomized pilot study of outcomes for digital nerve repair in the hand using hollow conduit compared with processed nerve allograft. Hand. 2016;11(2):144-151. doi:10.1177/1558944715627233.)

the RECON study

A multicenter, prospective, randomized, subject, and evaluator blinded comparative study of nerve cuffs and Avance Nerve Graft evaluating recovery outcomes for the repair of nerve discontinuities (RECON). The primary objective of this study is to evaluate the difference in functional recovery outcome between the study groups. Enrollment is now completed and follow-up activities are ongoing.

the MATCH study

A contemporary cohort control for the RANGER study, MATCH provides reference controls for nerve autograft and manufactured conduits from participating registry centers. MATCH data milestones have been presented and the cohorts are actively enrolling.


Sensation Neurotization Outcomes for Women, or Sensation-NOW, is an arm of the RANGER study focused on the breast neurotization procedure and the impact of restoration of sensory function.


A prospective randomized controlled study to evaluate the impact of neurotization on the quality of life and sensory recovery in patients undergoing single or dual neurotization procedures as part of their breast reconstruction.


A prospective randomized controlled study to assess the impact of Axoguard® Nerve Cap in the management of painful neuroma as compared to standard neurectomy. REPOSE is actively enrolling.

the ANG-CP-003 study

Cavernous nerve reconstruction using Avance Nerve Graft in subjects who undergo robotic-assisted prostatectomy for treatment of prostate cancer. This study is being conducted to assess the technical feasibility of robotic-assisted implantation of Avance Nerve Graft and the long-term outcomes for continence and potency in men undergoing radical prostatectomy. This study is now completed.

*Nerve repair solutions are extensively studied. The bibliography contains publications across a variety of nerve repair solutions. Axogen is providing this bibliography for awareness and educational purposes. New publications are added continuously. The bibliography does not claim to be complete. Click here for a PDF version of the peripheral nerve repair bibliography.