Avive Soft Tissue Membrane

Avive Soft Tissue Membrane is a minimally processed human umbilical cord membrane that can be used as a resorbable soft tissue covering to separate tissue layers. Avive Soft Tissue Membrane is provided sterile and in several sizes to help surgeons meet a variety of surgical needs.

Avive Soft Tissue Membrane has the following key advantages:

smart processing
Minimally processed to preserve the natural properties of umbilical cord amniotic membrane

8x thicker
Comprised of umbilical cord amniotic membrane, which is up to 8x thicker than amniotic sac alone1

long lasting
Avive Soft Tissue Membrane stays in place for at least 16 weeks1

ideal handling

  • Easy to suture or secure
  • Conforms and stays in place at the application site
  • Stored at room temperature with a 24-month shelf life

regulatory classifications

Avive Soft Tissue Membrane is processed and distributed in accordance with U.S. FDA requirements for human cellular and tissue-based products (HCT/P) under 21 CFR Part 1271 regulations, U.S. State regulations and the guidelines of the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB). Additionally, international regulations are followed as appropriate. Avive Soft Tissue Membrane is to be dispensed only by or on the order of a licensed physician.

indications for use

Avive Soft Tissue Membrane is processed human umbilical cord intended for the surgical use as a resorbable soft tissue barrier.


Avive Soft Tissue Membrane is contraindicated for use in any patient in whom soft tissue implants are contraindicated.


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