Acroval® Neurosensory & Motor Testing System

Acroval® Neurosensory & Motor Testing System (NSMTS) is a nerve function evaluation system designed to be used as a tool for surgeons and other allied health professionals in the measurement, mapping, and monitoring of patients with peripheral nerve injuries and conditions. Acroval® NSMTS consists of three different accessory devices designed to evaluate neurosensory function and hand strength. The devices are intended to be used on normal and intact skin.

Pressure Specified Sensory Device (PSSD)—Patented, first-in-class somatosensory measurement device combines nerve density assessment with pressure threshold sensitivity. This device measures both 1- and 2-point discrimination and the pressure applied.

Acrogrip Device—Hand grip strength measurement measures the total strength of the hand, including the ulnar and radial forces.

Acropinch Device—Measures the pinch force of a patient’s fingers.

indications for use

  • PSSD—The device is intended to be used to conduct threshold testing to determine sensory impairment in peripheral neuropathies, the degree of nerve compression and the status of neural regeneration
  • Acrogrip Device—The device is intended to be used on the hand as a dynamometer to measure grasp strength
  • Acropinch Device—The device is intended to be used to measure the force of the pinch strength of a patient’s fingers