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Published Studies


Below is a list of publications which relate to the clinical use of Avance® Nerve Graft. Please consult the bibliography for a list of publications that reflect the current state of nerve repair.

clip of RANGER Processed Nerve Allografts for Peripheral Nerve Reconstruction: A Multicenter Study of Utilization and Outcomes in Sensory, Mixed, and Motor Nerve Reconstructions. Microsurgery.
Journal: Microsurgery
Date: November 2011
Authors: Darrell N. Brooks, MD, Renata V. Weber, MD, Jerome J. Chao, MD, et al.
Article Abstract
clip of weber Functional outcome following nerve repair in the upper extremity using processed nerve allograft.
Journal: Journal of Hand Surgery
Date: November 2012
Authors: Mickey S. Cho, Brian D. Rinker, Renata V. Weber, et al.
Article Abstract
clip of ducic Innovative Treatment of Peripheral Nerve Injuries. Annals of Plastic Surgery.
Journal: Annals of Plastic Surgery
Date: February 2012
Authors: Ivica Ducic, MD, PhD, Rose Fu, B.S., Matthew L. Iorio, MD
Article Abstract
clip of moran Early Clinical Outcomes with the Use of Decellularized Nerve Allograft for Repair of Sensory Defects Within the Hand. Hand.
Journal: Hand
Date: September 2009
Authors: Furkan E. Karabekmez, Ahmet Duymaz, Steven L. Moran
Article Abstract
clip of ziccardi Use of Decellularized Nerve Allograft for Inferior Alveolar Nerve Reconstruction: A Case Report. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.
Journal: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Date: February 2011
Authors: Rabie M. Shanti, DMD, Vincent B. Ziccardi, DDS, MD
Article Abstract
clip of bibliography Peripheral Nerve Repair Bibliography
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